Kinesiology is a holistic therapy utilizing muscle testing to identify imbalances within the body and restore its natural state of harmony.

Your Questions Answered

How Does Kinesiology Work?

Kinesiology’s uniqueness lies in its ability to access the hidden aspects of our unconsciousness through the technique of muscle testing. At its core is the belief that our bodies store information and wisdom beyond conscious awareness. By interpreting muscle responses, practitioners gain insights into imbalances within the body’s energy systems, encompassing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components. This form of subconscious communication enables kinesiologists to frame questions or statements that tap into the client’s unconscious knowledge, uncovering core limiting beliefs, dormant memories, unexpressed emotions, or unresolved issues that may contribute to physical or emotional challenges.

How does remote muscle response testing work?

At its core, the laws of quantum physics unveil a fundamental truth: the universe is a vast interconnected web of energy within the Quantum Field. Picture it as an invisible web, a cosmic grid where everything is linked by energy. Not only are all things energetically connected, so are all people.

Why? Because everything in the universe, from tangible matter to intricate psychological processes—thoughts, emotions, beliefs, patterns, behaviours, memories, experiences, and consciousness—is fundamentally energy. These energies are not only broadcast into the universal field but are also manifested within the physical body through various energy expressions.

“..everything is energy & that’s all there is to it…there can be no other way…this is physics..” (Albert Einstein).

Distant or remote kinesiology testing simply taps into this universal energy. So, we reach each other through connected energy and quantum fields – I connect to your energy, use my own muscles in place of yours and so I can uncover and address what may be hindering your progress toward your goals.

Afterwards you will be feeling more inspired, calm and confident around your goal and will find it so easy to assimilate into your daily life.

What Happens In A Kinesiology Session?

In your initial session, I gain insights into significant life events that have influenced your journey and led you to this point of seeking a session. We then proceed to establish a goal, a deep yearning or heartfelt aspiration you wish to experience. Often, this process reveals something of great importance; while most of us are aware of what we don’t want, we may not have given much thought to what we truly desire. If your goal is success, we redefine it to uncover a clearer vision of its components. Our aim is to discover a goal that deeply resonates with you—something specific and measurable, ensuring both of us comprehend the precise path and necessary steps to achieve it.

In the comfort of your own space, I will work with you using a combination of Western and Eastern healing techniques including counselling, acupressure, breath work, energy healing, chakra balancing, brain Integration, integrative movement, somatic experiencing, visualisation, nutritional testing, NLP, EFT and more.

When Should I See A Kinesiologist?

People of all ages and from all walks of life commonly see me if they are dealing with some of the following:

  • Stress and anxiety: Not coping with daily life challenges or worrying about future events or uncertain outcomes.


  • Navigating life transitions: Encountering significant life shifts like divorce, bereavement, relocation, or job changes.


  • Self-esteem and confidence challenges: Struggles related to setting personal boundaries, cultivating self-empowerment, or expressing oneself.


  • Limiting beliefs: Negative thought patterns encompassing feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, insignificance, incapability, or lack of belonging.


  • Interpersonal dynamics: Difficulties within relationships, be they romantic, familial, social, or professional.


  • Adolescent struggles: Youth contending with academic pressure, peer influences, identity exploration, and emotional hurdles.


  • Sense of “Stagnation” or “Obstruction”: Facing obstacles or barriers that impede progress towards goal achievement or the fulfillment of one’s full potential.
  • Spiritual exploration: Seeking a connection with God, the higher self, or a deeper understanding of one’s purpose and greater meaning.


  • Muscle tension, pain, and persistent physical symptoms: Relief from muscle soreness, tension, chronic pain, and unexplained physical symptoms.


  • Trauma: Dealing with the emotional aftermath of traumatic events and seeking strategies to manage and heal from these experiences.


  • Addictions: Struggling with physical or behavioural addictions seeking to overcome dependency and develop healthier habits.


  • Chronic health challenges: Exploring alternative healing approaches when traditional medical treatments have not yielded desired results.


  • Well-being and health: Seeking methods to unwind, revitalize, and sustain a state of overall well-being.

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